Suenia Gold Pendant Bracelet (Ivory)

  • Materials: ivory coloured glass beads 
  • Finishing: Gold plated brass
  • Cord: Pull cord closure, adjustable to any size of wrist
  • Length: 14cm (extended)
  • Weight: 5.0g

Suenia was founded in 2017 in Marbella, as a distinct fashion jewellery name.  Since the first endeavours, Suenia had been providing handcrafted pieces worldwide.  They have developed an international culture, and are considered pioneers at introducing miyuki fashion jewellery market.  This brand's world is full of imagination, a multitude of designs and countless colours and shapes that come magically together.

Suenia represents the identity, the will and resilience of its creators, two sisters, who Annie discovered in Paris, and knew she could work well with their level of friendly professionalism.  We saw how they could help us create our own looks, and not only be the only boutique to sell Suenia in the UK, but also have Sansom Reed's bespoke looks.

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