Vertical Swivel Arm Wall Hooks

Tried and tested by us and absolutely a brilliant, strong and very attractive solution for limited space interiors.

Gun metal grey with small brass painted touches.  These work perfectly, the 6 prongs 'stay horizontal' .. (i.e. don't 'sag down), and when not in use can be swivelled flat back to the wall so there is very little intrusion into a room.  The prongs have no 'locking' angle, so will swivel as you angle them.

Easy to install, but we do recommend you check your wall is suitable for the fixing.

Metal, reasonably 'weighted'.  H 915 mm x W 310 mm x D 220 mm (when prongs are fully protruding).

Please note, we carry little stock of these so you would be wise to check stock and order where possible in advance.

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