Sissel Edelbo Black and Ivory Suzani Embroidered Waistcoat


A beautiful statement vest that comes with a detachable belt for a more feminine shape. The vest has wide shoulders, side seam pockets and it is decorated with colourful Suzani embroidery all over. Elsa Suzani Vest is available in two sizes.  

This Suzani item is not only full of beautiful colours – the embroidery is also made by hand. The Suzani embroidery is made by Indian artisans, using the tambour to create a unique, vivid, and beautiful Suzani embroidery pattern. The name “Suzani” comes from the Persian word "su-zan," meaning needle. Our Indian artisans use a hooked needle instrument called a tambour to create the intricate chain stitching that is the hallmark of Suzani embroidery. When buying our Suzani embroidered styles, you are supporting local artisans and responsible slow fashion.

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