Set of 4 Mirror Framed Shell Prints


A simple solution to creating a soothing beach reminiscent collection of pictures.

4 images of 4 different shells, framed in mirror effect frames.

These also work well repeated.  (To make a layout of 8).

Sold as a set, the price for all 4 is £90.

PLEASE NOTE: When buying online:

BUT PLEASE BE AWARE: they require a lot of packing, packing materials etc.  We will wrap them to the best we possibly can.  They will go out in strong boxes.  If any glass gets broken en route to you, we are not insured for this (no couriers cover for glass breakage), we therefore cannot reimburse for the whole set, nor replace just that one affected picture, (as we buy them in sets).  Nor refund the postage cost. 

In the unlikely event that glass gets broken, we will of course try to help with the cost of the replacement glass at your local framer.  We think this scenario is really unlikely, but have to state it now.


Per Picture; H 35 cm x W 29 cm


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