Palm Leaf Tropical Print Cushion, with feather filler


Launched this summer, made here in Hampshire.  Stunning high quality outdoor fabric cushions.  The high rub count, and gutsy feel means these are great for your garden recliner, or cushion bench seat.  We are currently offering the cushions in 45 cm x 45 cm squares, or 50 cm x 30 cm long cushions.  We can work to your size, and keeping it close to these measurements, they will remain the same price, and include the comfortable feather filler.

The first image shows the thicker pink trim, (a bit brighter in real life).  The lifestyle shot of the yellow trim shows the narrower pipe edge, the choice is yours, along with the colour, we recommend the yellow and bright pink, but are also going to experiment with orange.  We are currently choosing to make the square cushions with a wider trim, and the longer cushions with a narrower trim, if you would like otherwise, please email.


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