Olverum Bath Oil Trio of Travel Bottles


The must have bath oil.. once soaked in you won't want anything else, again... as proclaimed by hundreds of customers who visit us at fairs.  A stunning mix of natural essential oils of needle fir, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and much more.  

Leaves the skin silk, body refreshed and mind calm.

'One bath of this cures a cold' is a frequently endorsed quote.

The ultimate unisex, uni-gift (!) present.

Glass bottles.  A box set contains 3 mini bottles, each being 15 ml bottles.  Only a few drops are needed to make an amazing bath.. so we reckon one little bottle could give around 10 baths.

A customer tip is to add this to epsom salts in the bath for the ultimate relaxing unwind.

This is the gift of all great ideas gifts.. packaged for those who want to take a little bottle with them when they go away.. or simply for you to divide up for 3 people maybe.

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