Italian Leather Round Buckle METALLIC Belts - 6 COLOURS


A perfect belt for over a shirt or dress, or possibly to go on big loop trousers.  The round buckle is wrapped in an overlapping pattern of the same fabric as the belt, which makes it attractive, statement and tactile.  AND we think, much more comfortable when sitting than a large square or rectangular buckle.

A supple leather, which is fed through the loop and is then worn either hanging down with the point of the leather shape creating a feature in itself.  Or, tucked back under the belt to not hang down.  There is no other belt loop.

We show the colours in photos, and by word description as best we can, but any questions, do please ask.

The 4 colours shown on the picture, read from left to right: black, bronze, dark chocolate and copper.

These are one size only.  We recommend they could work up to size 14/16.

Length from middle of buckle to longest point  110 cm

Depth 7 cm

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