Ibu Gold Twist Chain Necklace (3 Lengths)

The Ibu Twist Chain Necklace is perfect for stacking or on its own. This trendy is the perfect accessory to take your outfit to the next level.
  • 14K Gold plated chain
  • Signature IBU Jewels closure with adjustable loop
  • Two Lengths: Small 39-40cm, Medium 44-45cm and Large 49-50cm
  • Matching bracelet also available!
  • Small and Large necklaces pictured in photos along with bracelet

Each Ibu Jewels piece is delicately handmade by a talented all female Balinese studio team.

Ibu Jewels provide a safe and healthy working environment, ensuring a fair wage and no child labour, along with ethical employment opportunities.

Sansom Reed work closely with the founders of Ibu Jewels, and together we tweak designs, colours and shapes to create looks that will interchange and complement all pieces of theirs we sell.  As well as other styles of jewellery you already own.

Gold plating is the process where a thin layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal. By taking proper care of gold plated jewellery you can extend its life. Please take these steps:

  • Keep gold plated jewellery away from chemicals, oils and make up.
  • Take off gold plated jewellery before swimming and bathing.
  • Do not spray on perfume while wearing your gold plated jewellery. Wear your jewellery after you have sprayed on your favourite perfume.

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