Chiang Mai, Thailand - 60 Hours Scented Candle


A breathtaking fragrance that evokes the glamour and splendour of colourful, beautiful Thailand.

This deeply relaxing scent evokes the wonder-inspiring temples and architecture of Thailand’s opulent history and heritage, as well as sun-kissed warmth and verdant flora and vegetation.

This exotic fragrance, redolent of the ancient Lanna kingdom, layers heady tuberose and orchid on a bed of palm leaves and lush tropical plants. Zingy mouth-watering notes of lemon and pineapple and fresh, vibrant green leaves combine with a garland of white flowers at its heart - jasmine, ylang-ylang and gardenia.

This is a more zingy notes candle with so many layers of scent.

Lavender & Lillie candles have been specially formulated and extensively tested to give you the perfect, long, clean burn. We use only the finest natural wax blend and the best cotton wick to allow our luxurious fragrance to fill your home with scent.

The generously sized, illustrated porcelain candles come with a hand crafted decorative lid to keep your candle free from dust when not in use. Each lily on top of our lids is unique.

Top notes: Green leaves, Pineapple, Lemon
Heart notes: Tuberose, Orchid, Jasmine, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang
Base notes: Musk

330 g

Materials: gold metal and porcelain

Width: 122 mm

Height: 155 mm

The mission of the maker:..

Scent is our most primitive sense, evoking some of the strongest emotional connections to memories and experiences, bringing them to life more intensely and gloriously than any other source. From ocean shores to buzzing city streets, we have travelled the world and soaked up its beauty, its essence, its heart. We are a luxury home fragrance, bath and body brand inspired by the recollection of memories through fragrance.

Our mission is to take you on a journey of sensory exploration, to be captivated by beautifully infused scents of faraway lands.

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