Mix of 6 Coloured Dining Candles - MAY MEADOW (Soft neutrals/mint/lilac)


A group of colour statements in their own right.  A story told by each collection, selected with colour palettes that tie together through nature, or in dramatic landscape harmony.

Different schemes for various occasions.  But always a very well received gift.. we suggested gifting these to hostesses instead of a bunk of flowers.. and so many have started doing this now, a popular option!

This listing is for MAY MEADOW, a mix of soft neutrals, mint and lilac.

We love SWEET PEA POSY for a family lunch party, or informal supper.  MAY MEADOW for mellow moments, or maybe high tea.. perfect for classical dining room decor.  JARDIN MAJORELLE for maximum colour mood / statement in a room with some blues, or none, to make an impact.

14 hour burn time.

6 candles in each bundle, each candle measures: 28 cm H x 2.2 cm W

May meadow : The time when all bursts with pretty fresh and delicate abundance:

2 x avocado, 1 x lilac, 1 x shadows, 1 x cashmere, 1 x light pink

Sweet peas posy : Vibrant pinks, deep purples and softer pinks and lilac colours, everything from a mixed posy.

1 x bright pink, 1 x purple, 1 x lilac, 1 x dark lavender, 1 x soft pink, 1 x light pink

Jardin Majorelle : Taking dramatic garden landscaping inspiration from the YSL garden in Marrakesh.  The play of rich bright blue in a tropical setting.

2 x aqua, 1 x petrol, 1 x shadows, 1 x sky, 1 x mid lavender



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