Dutch Blue Bird Vase (Anouk)


Perfect for all lengths of stems, be they neutral 'green and white',  or bright and fun.  Clustered with other blue and white, or on its own on a console, in a window area, on a kitchen island.

Designed by Dutch ceramist artist Anouk Kramer, exclusively for our supplier in Holland.

Would make a perfect wedding / special birthday gift.

The vase is in 2 parts, the top 'ball' lifts off, (is effectively like a vase in its own right). The bottom half is made with the top of it being the rest for this top part.  This will help with water access for flowers / cleaning.

The design is inspired by Dutch Delft blue and white.


H 40.5 cm x W 26 cm

We also stock other smaller / bigger, blue and white vases in the same style.

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