Conditions Apply Neena Smock Embroidered Dress


The lightest cotton we have found. Conditions Apply specialise in an organic technique that creates this fine, and quality feel.  (100% organic cotton dress).

This little number has lovely embroiderey on the chest, elbows and on the back. 

What a stunning throw on dress for those lazy days in the garden, shunshining and cocktail in hand with your 5 friends socially distanced around you. 

Designed by established London based label Conditions Apply.  Pieces are made in a conscious and sustainable chain in India, where all the process is known.

100% cotton.

Washing Guide:  Conditions Apply have labelled this dry clean.  The reason it is not labelled hand wash is because people then put pieces in a hand wash cycle of a machine.  We have tested this, and believe this piece to be ok with careful real-hand washing.

Sizing Guide:   Annie is in the Small and is 5'4/5". 


Craftmanship always played a central part in the notion of luxury. Now more than ever, when so many garments are mass produced before being discarded at an equally fast pace, we believe that timeless pieces with inherent qualities are what we should all strive towards.

For this reason, and as part of its ethical and sustainable drive, Conditions Apply has chosen to curate a unique Unesco recognized craft as part of its upcoming collection.

“Jamdani” is one of the most significant achievements in cultural heritage of textiles, requiring skills mostly passed on over generations. Elevated to an art form, based on carefully hand spun cotton yarns, the fabrics are handwoven on special looms with intricate geometric motifs over a delicate muslin base. It’s very fine and high count yarns results in a uniquely soft hand feel and drape.  

Such crafts, are a key driver of rural employment generation which in turn allows remote village communities as well as families to remain together while avoiding social dislocation and the pitfalls of rapid urbanization.

Now has never been a better time to reconsider the frivolous and shallow short-term gratification of throwaway culture. Crafted, considered, handmade and ethically fashioned pieces encourage us to seek a more long term and soul-full satisfaction.

To add to this the organic cottons, which many of your designs are made from, are approved by the BCI or Better Cotton Initiative. They are a not-for-profit organisation who help cotton farmers and labourers to work more sustainably. They work across 23 countries.

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