Bright Leopard Shirt / Jacket by Conditions Apply

£45 £120

This shirt is an incredibly soft, winter weight fabric, meaning it could work open as soft jacket look.

Classic leopard print with highlights of bright pink and orange.  Black edging accent down the arm creates a defining flattering silhouette.

On the back is a big dramatic emblem of a tiger / snake / oriental image. The pleat shape panel on the back is also flattering.

Button down front.  Please note: this jacket has quite a slim fitting base waist band. Which was designed by Bl-nk to be worn quite high.  We only have side medium left. Which might not fasten on all.  However, a soft unbuttoned look at the base hem works well with this top (how Annie wears in the photos).

We only have side medium left. This is the size Annie is wearing. This would be fine on a smaller frame as the piece is designed to be baggy and loose. We are not restocking.

100% viscose 

The label is dry clean only. But we know that this has been fine with hand washing. And some customers have risked machine hand wash. We recommend hand wash.


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