Blondie Funky Chunky Ring


Fab, bold, fun, play around with a finger to wear them on, magic to any look.

A tier of colours, in complimenting colour groups.


Red ring with cream and orange on top = P

Cream ring with purple and petrol on top = O

Mid aubergine with cream and rich aubergine on top = O

Cloudy (like clear) with blue and cream on top = O


When you buy any 2 of the COSTUME RINGS (of any of the designs), we will enclose a surprise for you of 1 other ring, also retail value £20.  No need to enter anything at the checkout, we shall simply enclose it when we send.

We can only offer the below as measured by us as best we can.

Size guide -

L - 16.4mm diameter 

M - 16.8mm diameter 

N - 17.2mm diameter 

O - 17.6mm diameter 

P - 18mm diameter 


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