Big Gold Bamboo Twig Initial Pendant - (All the Alphabet)!

The must have medallion!.. We loved these from the minute we saw them.. just fun, brilliantly rendered and one of the most well received gifts.  A mock bamboo stick formed into a capital letter, in a bright mid gold colour.  This pendant is really durable and keeps its colour, as is a 'solid gold metal'.  *

All the letters from A to Z will soon be here.. some are in stock right now.. if we haven't got it today, it will be on its way soon, feel free to message with any questions.  UK POSTAGE is FREE on these.

Metal type; zinc alloy.

* PLEASE NOTE:  A simple 'gold look' chain is supplied with the necklace, which for 99% of people is fine.. but.. the necklace is not of the same 'endless gold look' / build quality, of the pendant, which is a coloured metal.  Therefore the chains are simply enclosed, free, as a chain to 'offer an option' they are not sadly with any guarantee to not wear to a darker metal, nor break.

Length is via an adjustable chain.  Approx 45 cm



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