Big Gold Bamboo Twig Initial Pendant - (All the Alphabet)!

The must have medallion!.. We loved these from the minute we saw them.. just fun, brilliantly rendered and one of the most well received gifts.  A mock bamboo stick formed into a capital letter, in a bright mid gold colour.  This pendant is really durable and keeps its colour, as is a 'solid gold metal'.  *

All the letters from A to Z in stock.. BUT LOW STOCK ON SOME LETTERS.

Metal type; zinc alloy.

* PLEASE NOTE:  A simple 'gold look' chain is supplied with the necklace, which for 99% of people is fine.. but.. the necklace is not of the same 'endless gold look' / build quality, of the pendant, which is a coloured metal.  Therefore the chains are simply enclosed, free, as a chain to 'offer an option' they are not sadly with any guarantee to not wear to a darker metal, nor break.

Length is via an adjustable chain.  Approx 45 cm

 WERE £25.. NOW DOWN TO £12.50 

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