Mini Hot Water Bottle - Upcycled Cashmere Cover (NEUTRALS)


Everyone who has seen these has gasped and said: "I want".. (please)!

The love with which these are made by Chloe Haywood radiates like the warmth these will give.  Chloe, an award winning milliner working in Bath, has always used only pre-loved materials.  However, like all Chloe produces, you wouldn't know.. her products look and feel like new.. always finished to a high spec.  (Pre-loved garments are very thoroughly washed).

Leather off cuts complete the piece with either a heart or star motif.  

Cuff at the top for easy cover changing/washing.  Cream hot water bottle included, made from natural rubber.

Every bottle is unique, made with the resources available at the time, so please simply state 'preferences'.. (if you have any).. 

Neutral or coloured cashmere cover.  We have listed the "Heart of Gold" as it's one of the most popular, a warm neutral cover and gold heart.

Or why not tick 'surprise me'..  (There are also a few options on the product listing to make things easy for you).

22 cm (from top to bottom)

13 cm (at widest)


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