Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes

These cute little Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes are so pretty and also taste totally delicious! They are a perfect healthy sweet treat for a lunch-box or an after-school snack and will help to curb any after-school HANGRY (hungry and angry!) moments. These healthy cupcakes are naturally gluten-free made from 50:50 sorghum flour and brown-rice flour and can easily be made dairy free if you swap the butter for an organic dairy-free spread.

Sorghum is the most wonderful and versatile gluten-free flour with a lovely adaptable mild flavour. Sorghum is a grass grown in Africa and Australia and has been cultivated for over 5,000 years old. It is highly nutritious and is the fifth most important cereal crop grown in the world. As well as being full of fibre, Sorghum is packed with lots of B vitamins, iron and antioxidants. It is seen as an anti-inflammatory grain, so it is good for any health conditions stemming from inflammation (almost all medical conditions are due to chronic inflammation!). It is slowly digested and helps to keep energy and blood sugars balanced for longer. Sorghum is an all round kitchen hero in our household and it is worth taking a trip to your health food shop to buy a packet. You can easily order Sorghum, Brown Rice Flour and Coconut Palm Sugar online from Goodness DIrect, Healthy Supplies or Amazon.

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